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ESGENA Conference

Since 1996 ESGENA has organised a European conference every year in conjunction with the United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week).
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Traditionally, the three day ESGENA conference includes

  • state-of-the-art lectures covering current topics in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy.
  • free papers & posters, including free paper & poster awards
  • lunch sessions with interactive training opportunities and fruitful discussions
  • several workshops with lectures, hands-on training and round-table discussions
  • live transmissions as part of the UEG Week Postgraduate Course

The ESGENA conference is not only an opportunity to meet colleagues from throughout Europe, but also from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The exchange with nurses from all over the world combined with the opportunity to attend the medical programme of the UEG Week ensures the ESGENA conference is an exceptional educational event.

Since 1996 ESGENA has organised a European conference every year in conjunction with the United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week):

  • 1st ESGENA Conference, November 1996, in Paris, France
  • 2nd ESGENA Conference, October 1997, in Birmingham, Great Britain
  • As the World Congress of Gastroenterology and the 7th International SIGNEA-Meeting were held in September 1998 in Vienna,Austria, there was no European conference.
  • 3rd ESGENA Conference, November 1999, in Rome, Italy
  • 4th ESGENA Conference, November 2000, in Brussels, Belgium
  • 5th ESGENA Conference, October 2001, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 6th ESGENA Conference, October 2002, in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 7th ESGENA Conference, November 2003, in Madrid, Spain
  • 8th ESGENA Conference, September 2004, in Prague, Czech. Republic
  • 9th ESGENA Conference, October 2005, in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 10th ESGENA Conference, October 2006, in Berlin, Germany
  • 11th ESGENA Conference, October 2007, in Paris, France
  • 12th ESGENA Conference, October 2008 in Vienna, Austria
  • GI Nurses 2009 organised as a combined meeting of ESGENA and SIGNEA, hosted by the EAG-BSG in November 2009 in London, UK
  • 14th ESGENA Conference, October 2010, in Barcelona, Spain
  • 15th ESGENA Conference, October 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 16th ESGENA Conference, October 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 17th ESGENA Conference in October 2013 in Berlin, Germany

The next ESGENA Conference will be held during October 2017 in Barcelona, Spain:

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